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"You have the biggest, cleanest, best tasting blueberries I have ever had!!!"

- Ms. Castro

"Your blueberries are great and delicious and tasty.  Keep them coming.  We love summer, because they are so tasty."

- Mr. and Mrs. Richardson

"Keep up the production of fine produce."

- Mr. Meredith

"Your blueberries are just wonderful - when does the season end?  I just wish it would last until September!!"

- Mr. Rubin

"Thank You!  Thank you for a wonderful New Jersey fruit.  I recently purchased 6 pints - some for now, and some in my freezer for later.  There wasn't a bad [blueberry] in the bunch..."   "...Thank You NJ farmers for your hard work - It is much appreciated."

- Ms. Petersen

About Us


In 1935, shortly after the Great Depression, five brothers decided to try growing blueberries for a living. Sons of Italian immigrants, Duke, Bill, Ernie, Al and Anthony Galletta started Atlantic Blueberry with five acres of land in the Southern New Jersey Pinelands. Over the years, they built a successful cultivated blueberry farming operation that today encompasses over 1,300 acres.

Atlantic Blueberry Company is still owned by the Galletta family. Two sons, Duke's son Art, Ernie's son Paul, along with Bill's grandsons Rob and Bill own and operate the farm with the same dedication to quality and consistency that allowed Atlantic Blueberry Company to withstand the test of time.

Products and Shipping

Since 1935, Atlantic Blueberry Company has been growing, inspecting and packaging the finest quality blueberries available anywhere.  Each one of our berries is handpicked, closely inspected and packed under the same roof - the only way to truly ensure total quality control.


Within hours of being harvested, our berries are sorted, packed, forced-air cooled and shipped from our distribution center on standard 40 x 48-inch pallets to provide you with the freshest possible product, ensuring the highest possible repeat sales. From local "Mom-n-Pop" stores to giant nationwide food chains, we can supply you with blueberries well known for their quality and freshness for over 75 years!

Our Staff

Our office staff is unmatched at getting the product you need to your location quickly.  If you would like to contact any of our staff, please use the form located on the "Contact Us" page of this site.   Please enter the name of the recipient along with a brief description of your message in the subject field.  The following is our contact list:

Art Galletta - Sales

Paul Galletta - Harvest Crew Supervisor

Billy Galletta - Irrigation Crew Supervisor

Kathi Galletta - Office Manager

Julie Schneider - Integrated Pest Management Supervisor

Paul Benedetti - Food Safety, Security, and Defense, Quality Control

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