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Atlantic Blueberry Company is one of the largest producers of high-bush blueberries.  From pints of fresh, hand-picked blueberries to 10 lb. boxes of individually quick frozen blueberries, our goal is to exceed your expectations.  Follow the link below for a detailed overview of our products and packages.


With great size comes great responsibility.  As stewards of over 1300 acres of land, our commitment to sustainability, food safety, ethical sourcing and traceability is one that is never taken lightly and one that we are proud to have.  Follow the link below to find out what we are doing to exceed our goals in these areas.


Atlantic Blueberry Company has been owned and operated by the Galletta family for over 75 years.  Our longstanding commitment to quality has become a family tradition; passed down over three generations.  Follow the link below to learn more about the Galletta family and what makes blueberry farming so special to them.

Blueberry Family Health Foundation
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